Zhenjiang Gaopeng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Salicylic Acid (Technical Grade)
Methyl Salicylate
Sublimed Salicylic Acid
Medicinal Salicylic Acid
5-Sulfosalicylic Acid

Zhenjiang Gaopeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. located in the International Chemical Industry Zone of Zhengjiang New Area, within the vicinity of Yangtze River and 6 miles south of the Hu-Ning Expressway, specializes in producing salicylic acid series and raw medicine products. Occupying more than 75 acres of land, the company owns  more advanced production technology, finer testing equipments and wastewater treatment system. 


Zhenjiang Gaopeng Pharmaceutical CO,.Ltd. 
Address: No.51,West Linjiang Road,The International Chemical Industry Zone Of Zhenjiang
New Area, Jiangsu, China.    (212006)
General Manager: Mr. Wang  Tel:  +86-511-83170128 Mb: +86-13952888666 
Fax: +86-511-83170148
E-mail: sales@gaopengchem.com
Url: www.gaopengchem.com; www.gaopengpharm.com

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